Run Your Amazon Seller Biz Like A Fine-Tuned Profit Factory

Forecastly keeps your cash flowing and your sales rocking by letting you know when to replenish your FBA inventory, how much to order, and where your shipments are--so you can increase your margins like a ninja.

Before Forecastly, I was using excel to try and guess how much inventory to order and quite frankly, it was a costly nightmare. Now that I’m using Forecastly, stock-outs are practically non-existent, and it has single-handedly increased my end of the year revenue drastically. Most people don’t understand how much money they’re losing by running out of stock - for me, I used to lose more money in a week of stock-outs with some of my products than this software cost me for a year!

Greg MercerFounder @ Jungle Scout

Like Having Your Very Own FBA Crystal Ball*

*no psychic powers or spirit guides required

Predict Future Product Demand In Seconds

Forecastly’s lightning-speed predictive software makes super-accurate demand forecasts within seconds, saving you hours of inventory management spreadsheet monotony.

Skip the Stockout Nightmares

Stop stockouts in their tracks before they drain your business of momentum and sales.

Forecastly alerts you to reorder at the perfect time to prevent a stockout so you keep your sales flowing and your profits growing.

No More Seasonal Cash Flow Crunches

Use hard data to know precisely when to start ordering for a hot selling season, how much to buy and which products will be in more demand. No more guesswork, no more accidental overstocks tying up your cash flow.

Is Forecastly For You?

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Get Behind The Forecastly Dashboard for Big Picture Reporting

Go ahead: close all those browser tabs. Forecastly gives you all the information you need about the health of your business in one tool and in real time.

Make Fast and Accurate Buying Decisions

In a single glance, you’ll see where you’ve been in the sales rankings, where you’re at in current orders, what’s going on in the Buy Box so you can order what your customers want.

Take the Headache Out of Accounting

Instantly find where your cash is tied up with month-end snapshots of your inventory.

Scale Your Business Faster with Automation

No matter how big you get, Forecastly puts efficient business processes at your fingertips. Stay focused on more important tasks and let Forecastly handle the day-to-day hassle of inventory management.

Get Better Deals From Your Suppliers

Stay organized by keeping track of your inventory costs so you have ammo for your next negotiation with your supplier.

Fit Forecastly To Your Business Needs

Customize the reporting settings to produce the most accurate estimates and recommendations to help you meet your goals.

Tired of tracking inbound shipments and purchase orders?

You could be leaving money on the table.

Recover a pile of unclaimed reimbursement dollars in a matter of minutes with Forecastly’s inbound shipment tracking tool. Check out what some of our happy Super Sellers have to say:

We are a larger Amazon seller and it's hard to keep tabs on everything Amazon does and doesn't do. We were sold on the Forecastly software the first time we used the Inventory Reconciliation tool, to our surprise there were around 100 shipments that Amazon closed where money was owed to our company. We spent 4 hours creating cases for this "outstanding" inventory which resulted in roughly $18,000.00 in recovered costs for lost inbound inventory. This tool alone is worth the subscription cost.

Douglas M.

To be honest, I never paid too much attention to reconciling shipments - too daunting - but this feature in your program makes it so much easier. In a matter of minutes, I was able to see exactly where there were issues and was reimbursed for missing items. I honestly don't think I would have caught them if not for this program!! So thank you for that.

Julie A.

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