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Amazon Inventory Management: How This One Little Number Can Save You ????

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Poor Amazon inventory management can cost you hundreds (if not thousands) in fees, opportunity costs, and fulfillment center space allowance. Avoid poor Amazon inventory management by using Amazon’s Inventory Performance Index monitor. Handle excess inventory and stranded inventory, keep hot-selling units in stock, and improve your Amazon sell-through rate to improve your Amazon inventory management process (tips included in this article). Do you hate losing money on Amazon? I know I do! After all, I started selling on Amazon FBA in order to make money! However, back when I started selling on Amazon, I ignored one important aspect of being…

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Jungle Stix’s Amazon Listing Got Hijacked. ???? Here’s What We Did…

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Amazon hijackers took over Jungle Stix! If you’re a big a fan of Jungle Scout then you surely must know about the Million Dollar Case Study. And if you know about the Million Dollar Case Study, you’ve probably heard of Jungle Stix. Unfortunately, we discovered on July 3rd that our Jungle Stix product listing was taken over by Amazon hijackers! And if you haven’t heard of Jungle Scout’s Million Dollar Case Study and Jungle Stix, read more about this FREE case study here! Okay okay… I’ll admit, it was partly my fault. I’ll go into detail how we let Amazon…

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