Limited Time Offer!

25% Off Your First 2 Months of Forecastly + 14-Day Free Trial 

Hey Jungle Scout Nation!

We have a special offer for you from our newest brand, Forecastly! 

Jungle Scout and Forecastly have teamed up to help you better manage your FBA inventory and make better buying decisions. Forecastly keeps your cash flowing and your sales rocking by letting you know when to replenish your FBA inventory, how much to order, and where your shipments are. 

For a limited time only, we're offering Jungle Scout members 25% off their first two months of Forecastly in addition to a 14-day free trial. Use offer code JS2018 at check out.

Offer expires May 23, 2018.

What Can Forecastly Do For Your FBA Business?

Designed for Wholesale Resellers, Private-Label, and Arbitrage FBA Sellers, Forecastly predicts future product demand in just seconds so you can skip the nightmare of having stock-outs.


Eliminate the guesswork from your Amazon FBA replenishment.  

Learn exactly when to reorder and how many units you need to restock.  

Boost your profits by using our proven model to prevent stock-outs.


Reconcile all of your Amazon inbound shipments - saving you money!  

Process both Amazon & non-Amazon inbound shipments.  

View valuation of inbound inventory for accounting purposes.


Access data & insights to help you grow your business.  

Break down sales data by brand or supplier.  

Simplify your month-end accouting with accurate inventory information valuation.

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