Big changes are here!

We’ve been working hard to build a better inventory management tool for Amazon sellers. We are helping sellers run better businesses and putting more money in their pockets.

When we launched the beta two months ago, sellers were already blown away by our system.┬áSince the initial launch we’ve made some serious improvements and the tool is even better.

Here are just a few of the recent additions we’ve made to Forecastly since the initial beta launch.

Inventory Forecasts

  • Sellers can see the cost having a stock-out for a particular item. Wondering what it will cost you if you best product goes out of stock for 2 weeks? We have the answer.
  • Inventory that is already sold but not shipped out of the FBA facility is now factored out of the forecast. Don’t worry about overestimating what you have in stock.

Reserved Inventory

  • We now have the ability to break down your reserved inventory into three categories. (FC Transfer, FC Prep, Sold and Pending Shipment) This level of detail is important when trying to get inventory forecasts correct. No other tool will give you this level of detail. That means our predictions are even more accurate!

Valuation Reports

  • Our inventory valuation reports now show all three reserved categories. You can see exactly how your reserved inventory is broken down for each item.
  • 30-Day Revenue – Now you can quickly analyze what items account for a large portion of your inventory and a small portion of your revenue.

Inventory Detail Import/Export

  • Product details can now be exported via a CSV spreadsheet, edited in Excel, and then imported back into the system. Large inventory updates can now be done in just a few minutes.

Inbound Shipments

  • The system now calculates the profit of each item when your Amazon inbound shipments are imported into Forecastly. Sellers can see the total estimated profit for each item and for the total shipment. This detail is also available on the Open Shipment report.

Excess Inventory Report

  • We now feature an Excess Inventory page that shows the items that are overstocked at Amazon. It incorporates your product cost to highlight what your highest priorities should be. This data is invaluable.
  • Amazon’s storage fees are incorporated into this report so sellers can see how much each item is costing them based on the average number of days it stays in stock. Say hello to some incredible expense detail!

Multiple Seller Accounts

  • Have multiple seller accounts? No problem. You can now add additional Amazon accounts to your Forecastly account.
  • Have accounts in other countries? That’s not a problem either. Forecastly can now handle Amazon US, UK, and Canada. The other marketplaces should be available within the next couple of weeks.

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