Want to know one of the “secrets” of top Amazon sellers?

It’s not really a secret at all. One of the strategies that they use to keep themselves at their sharpest is to stay up to date with what’s happening in the industry. A great way to do this and to build valuable relationships is by booking a ticket to one of the many conferences that take place throughout the year.

Some are targeted at Amazon sellers and others are more general ecommerce-related, with some Amazon content. Speaking from experience, attending a quality conference can be really energizing as a business owner. You get to spend time hanging out with other, like-minded people and the ideas start buzzing. When you get home, it’s time to address your business with some renewed vigor!

Here are a few conferences that Amazon sellers should look into for 2018:

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#1. PROSPER Show

Mark your calendars for Las Vegas in March! The PROSPER Show begins with pre-conference workshops on the 12th then a continuing education conference for established Amazon sellers on 13th-14th.

This intensive educational event will feature over 25 speakers, including nearly a dozen former Amazon business leaders and several industry leaders. There will be formal networking events with 1000+ large Amazon sellers, as well as an exhibitor floor of top service providers that support Amazon marketplace sellers. It’s one of only a few conferences that are specific to Amazon sellers.

The line up this year is looking stellar, with a three-track program running all day on both the 13th and 14th. Check out the agenda topics here – there are a wide range on the program so there’s bound to be something of interest to every seller. This year, we’re excited to be taking part as well, so do come find us and say hi!

Join us March 13-14, 2018 at the Las Vegas Convention Center for PROSPER Show 2018, the continuing education conference for established Amazon sellers.

Click here for more information on tickets, agenda details for the general conference and the pre-conference workshops on March 12.

As a sponsor of PROSPER Show, we are pleased to offer you a $100 discount code for each conference ticket that you purchase. Simply enter “18xFore” during checkout to save.
See you in Las Vegas in mid-March!

#2. ASD

Running at around the same time and in the same city as PROSPER is ASD, taking place March 11th to 14th, also at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This could be a great opportunity for you to catch both and make the most of a trip to Las Vegas.

ASD is a huge B2B trade show that is sourcing-focused. You have the opportunity to explore a wide range of product opportunities and meet with wholesalers. They also have a seminar schedule planned (which should be up for review here).

If you’re in the market for new products, Amazon sellers who come to ASD have commented that it gives them a good view of market trends and allows them to get to know vendors and products up close before making a purchase decision. Vendors come from all over the world, so it’s a great opportunity to meet them without having to travel too far.

Tip: There are thousands of vendors and it can be a bit overwhelming, so if you attend, we suggest looking up vendors and narrowing down a few products you might be interested in beforehand. Make a plan for what you want to see to cut back on information overload!

#3. Sellers Summit

Sellers Summit is for ecommerce sellers of all stripes and takes place May 3-5 in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The conference is designed to operate as an “intense two day workshop” and offers two main tracks: one for novices and one for pros. This way, there should be something for every seller.

If you’re just beginning in the online selling business, the novice track helps sellers develop a plan for building a scalable business. The advanced track covers topics such as PPC, copywriting and conversion optimization. The aim is that everyone should come away with actionable strategies that they can start to implement right away.

The first day of this event is a mastermind for sellers who already make at least $100,000 in profit or $250,000 in revenue. It’s designed to be small and hands-on so that participants come away with new insights into their businesses.

#4. IRCE

IRCE is a massive conference and exhibit which is designed for ecommerce sellers at all levels. This year, it is being held June 5 – 8 in Chicago. There is a huge array of speakers and conference sessions, including a keynote from Seth Godin on the calendar.

Newer Amazon sellers may be interested in attending the Amazon and Me workshop, which looks to be covering a number of elementary topics. For experienced sellers, there are plenty of other tracks to choose from out of more general ecommerce-related topics in the agenda.

This is another one of those events that is so huge, we suggest that you make a plan beforehand to ensure that you see what you want to see, and get the chance to meet anyone whom you particularly would like to meet.

#5. Retail Global

This ecommerce conference is to be held in Las Vegas from the 9th to the 11th of October. Retail Global describes itself as “the conference for retail professionals” and covers a wide range of topics that fall within retail and ecommerce.

This year there is an Amazon Masterclass which is described as “geared towards sellers who operate as a brand on Amazon. As a masterclass workshop, the content covered will be high level, actionable and will NOT cover the basics.”

There is also an eBay workshop if you are interested in getting started on the platform and workshops in areas such as conversions and Facebook launches. 40% of last year’s attendees were Amazon sellers, but the conference provides something for every retailer.

#6. Etail (East or West)

The Etail conferences are broken up into East (Boston, August 6 – 9) and West (Palm Springs, February 26 – March 1). These are large conferences with over 100 speakers and many top retailers exhibiting.

The aim of the conference is to deliver content that informs ecommerce sellers and helps them to grow their businesses. It has content geared to everyone from startups to multi-million dollar companies and is well attended every year. This is another one where you should make a plan ahead of time!

(Note: There are also versions of this conference outside of the U.S., including in Canada and Germany).

#7. Midwest Ecom

Midwest Ecom takes place in Minneapolis from the 20th to 21st of July. It is billed to be “for sellers by sellers” and includes very respected speakers from the ecommerce space.

“This event helps sellers on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, and more learn what’s changing in the world of ecommerce, new tactics to market their businesses, rules of selling through these different platforms, and how to grow their businesses.”

You can register for early bird admission tickets now, before the price is increased.

#8. Shoptalk

While not specific to Amazon sellers, Shoptalk is one of the bigger ecommerce and retail conferences on the calendar and runs from March 18th to 21st in Las Vegas.

The conference is four days of speakers, exhibits, and networking, covering a range of topics that will keep anyone from startups to the well-established engaged. This year they are bringing the U.S. and European events together in one spot to create a truly global experience.

Again, this conference is HUGE, so take a look at the agenda and assess what you would like to get out of it first. While many established brands attend, it is also billed as a place where startups can form partnerships and find potential investors.

#9. Ecommerce Expo

If you’re keen to get to one of the biggest ecommerce events in Europe, Ecommerce Expo held in London, U.K from September 26th to 27th is one to look into. While not specifically directed at Amazon sellers, it is a general ecommerce event with a wide range of exhibitors and speakers.

While the expo looks at a range of ecommerce-related topics, 42% of all visitors describe their main objective as being meeting new suppliers and sourcing new products, services, and technologies. Expect to also find the latest research, education, and information covering the entire ecommerce industry.

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Final thoughts

These are just a few of many ecommerce conferences that are available, and we’ve tried to include those which pertain especially to Amazon sellers. Keep an eye out as there are still others which are usually annual events, but haven’t yet been announced for 2018 (such as Amazon Professional Sellers Meetup and Workshop and Amazing Seller Summit).

Sometimes the choices can be a bit overwhelming, so one thing we suggest is to look at what your goals are for your business this year and list a few things you might need to learn or connect with to meet them. This can help you narrow down your choices and create a plan ahead of time for making the most of your choice of conference.

We hope to see you in Las Vegas for the PROSPER show!

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